Bigorre (Gascon: Bigòrra) is a region in southwest France, historically an independent county and later a French province, located in the upper watershed of the Adour, on the northern slopes of the Pyrenees, part of the larger region known as Gascony. Today Bigorre comprises the centre and west of the département of Hautes-Pyrénées, with two small exclaves in the neighbouring Pyrénées Atlantiques. Its inhabitants are called Bigourdans. (wikipedia)

image of pic du midi de bigorre
pic du midi de bigorre
image of village house, hautes pyrenees
village house, hautes pyrenees
image of Chapelle de Roumé
Chapelle de Roumé
image of la montaigu
la montaigu
image of château de mauvezin
château de mauvezin
image of village house, hautes-pyrenees
village house, hautes-pyrenees
image of cow
one of my neighbors

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